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7mm Glue Sticks (10pc, Milky White) 2609256A03
£ 3.95
Pack of ten 7mm glue sticks for the RGLM18 Glue Gun
Multi-Tool Blade Set MTB-SET05 5pc
£ 17.95
Set of five multi-tool blades compatible with Ryobi multi-tools.
Ryobi 115mm Angle Grinder Blade Set 6 Piece RAK6AGD115
£ 17.95
Set of six 125mm angle grinder accessories
Ryobi 125mm Angle Grinder Accessory Set (6 pieces) RAK6AGD125
£ 24.95
Set of six 125mm angle grinder accessories
Ryobi 165mm 16B 40T Circular Saw Blade CSB165A1
£ 19.95
Ryobi 165mm (6 1/2 inch) circular saw blade with a 16mm bore and 40 teeth. Fits model R18CS.
Ryobi 40 Piece Roll Mat Drill & Driving Set RAK40RM
£ 16.95
Roll matt containing mixed drilling/driving bit set
Ryobi 50mm Screwdriver Bit Set (15 piece) RAK15MSD
£ 9.95
Set of fifteen 50mm screwdriver bits
Ryobi 55 Piece Screwdriving Bit Set RAK55DK
£ 12.95
Set of fifty-five screwdriving accessories
Ryobi 6mm Router Cutters (5 piece) RAKRBS5
£ 26.95
Set of 5 6mm router cutter accessories for the Ryobi Router
Ryobi CSB150A1 150mm(6") 10B 18T C/SAW BLADE
£ 19.95
Ryobi CSB150A1 150mm(6 inch) 10mm bore 18-tooth circular saw blade to fit the R18CSP.
Ryobi Impact Socket Set RAKPISOC3 3 Piece
£ 24.95
Set of three polished rim deep well impact sockets suitable for us with ½" impact wrenches
Ryobi Multi Sanding Sheets (30 pcs) SMS30A
£ 9.95
30 piece Multi Sand Sheet Set compatible with EMS180RV
Ryobi Multi-Material Saw Blade Twin Pack RAKMMS02K
£ 19.95
Twin pack of multi-material saw blades
Ryobi ONE+ LED Torch 18V R18T-0 Tool Only
£ 24.95
18-volt cordless LED torch. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi ONE+ USB Adapter 18V R18USB-0 Tool Only
£ 27.95
18-volt cordless USB adapter. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi RAC101 1.6mm Purple Cutting Line
£ 4.96
RAC101 / LTA009 15m x 1.6mm PURPLE cutting line 
Ryobi RAC227 30cm Chainsaw Chain To Fit OCS1830
£ 19.95
Ryobi 30cm Chainsaw chain, to fit OCS1830 (Single)
Ryobi RAK16FP 16 Piece 'Flat Pack Furniture' Screwdriver Bit Set
£ 9.95
Ryobi screwdriver bit set containing 16 individual pieces
Ryobi RAK17SDC 17 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set
£ 11.95
Ryobi screwdriver bit set containing 17 individual pieces
Ryobi RAK2BB Buffing and Polishing Bonnet Set
£ 9.95
Ryobi twin pack of buffing and polishing accessories for the R18B Cordless Buffer
Ryobi Screwdriver Bit Set (22 piece) RAK22SDHOKT
£ 9.95
Pack of 22 assorted screw driving accessories
Ryobi Snap-off Knife RSK18
£ 8.95
Ergonomic snap-off knife for crafting and DIY projects
Ryobi Tool Bag 36cm RTB2373
£ 14.95
36cm tool bag with zipper and handles for storing tools and accessories
Ryobi Torpedo Level 23cm RTL23CM
£ 5.95
23cm torpedo level ideal for work on tight spaces
Trimmer Safety Kit
£ 20.95
Trimmer Safety Kit