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Line Trimmers

Ryobi Cordless Strimmer

Ryobi Cordless Trimmer: A professional tool for the general public

The line trimmer was invented by an American from Texas while he was staring at the cleaning brushes at a car wash. His first prototype consisted of a solid fishing line attached to a popcorn can. Since then line trimmer have made serious technical progresses. They can be petrol, electric or battery powered. Ryobi developed a lithium-ion technology to power the trimmers of this range with one battery. For use in private gardens, the cordless models are preferred. They can be used on medium-sized areas but are powerful enough for thorough cleaning of gardens. They can be used to cut grass and even some small shrubs. They are equipped with safety mechanisms that make them simple and safe to use. The noise level of their motor is low, so they can be used without disturbing your neighbours. 
Small footprint and innovative technology 
Ryobi cordless strimmer is lightweight for ease of use. The cutting width is adjustable on every product of the range. It is very manoeuvrable, easy to handle and allow you to reach mowing areas that would be inaccessible with other garden tools. It is, for example, almost impossible to cut grass or weeds, for example under shrubbery with your corded lawnmower. It is out of the question to damage your rose bed with a bulky, noisy and overly massive garden tractor for delicate work. The Ryobi cordless strimmer is therefore the best solution for carrying out precise gardening work with a tool that remains very affordable. Once the work is done it is easy to clean with a simple spray of water. The line is as easy to replace. You can then store it in your garage or even in your car, as it takes up very little space. The Ryobi cordless strimmer benefits from new technologies, particularly with regard to its brushless motor. 

Several cutting powers and sizes 
The range of Ryobi corded mowers is wide enough to suit all types of use. You can choose high horsepower for jobs that require cutting of supplied grass or plants. You may also prefer to purchase a lightweight tool for occasional use or for easy-to-maintain surfaces. Our line stimmers can be purchased with or without battery power at the click of a button. You can choose a conventional power supply or buy a high-capacity lithium battery with a long service life. The Ryobi cordless trimmer is affordable and suitable for all types of jobs. They are recommended for use in wet areas where the use of grid-connected equipment is strongly discouraged.


Ryobi 18v Line Trimmer Kit One+ RLT1825M20S c/w 1 x 2Ah Battery & Charger
£ 89.95
18-volt ONE+ grass trimmer with 2.0Ah battery and charger
Ryobi 18v Line Trimmer Kit with 1 x 2.0Ah Battery, One+ OLT1832
£ 119.95
18-Volt ONE+ grass trimmer with one 2.0Ah battery and a charger
Ryobi 28/33cm Grass Trimmer OLT1833 Brushless 18V ONE+ Cordless (Zero Tool)
£ 139.95
18-Volt ONE+ brushless grass trimmer. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi ELECTRIC Grass Trimmer RLT6130 600W 30cm
£ 59.95
Ryobi RLT6130 600W 30cm Corded Grass Trimmer
Ryobi Line Grass Trimmer OLT1832 One+ (Zero Tool)
£ 59.95
18V ONE+ grass trimmer. Batteries and chargers sold separately.