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Ryobi power tool batteries

Ryobi offer a wide range of cost-effective 18V lithium-ion batteries, compatible with over 100 Ryobi power tools & garden tools in the ONE+ range.

Thanks to their longer runtime, compared with the older Ni-Cad technology,  lithium-ion batteries enable you to work for longer without the need to constantly recharge. Recharge times are also much quicker. Choose the right battery to suit your needs: Smaller batteries are lighter and ideal for low usage tools such as drills and multi-tools. Larger, more powerful (higher amperage), batteries are ideal for longer usage tools such as lawnmowers, circular saws and grinders.

Hammer Drills, Grinders, Lawnmowers, Hedge cutters...

Ryobi RB18L13 18v 1.3Ah Li-ion Battery
£ 36.95
Ryobi 1 x 1.3Ah Lithium One Plus Battery
Ryobi RB18L15 18v 1.5Ah Li-ion One Plus Battery
£ 44.00
18V Li-ion Slim Pack battery with fuel gauge (bar LED), 1,5Ah
Ryobi RB18L20 18v 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery
£ 39.95
Ryobi 18v 2.0Ah Li-ion battery
Ryobi RB18L25 18v 2.5Ah Li-ion Battery
£ 49.94
Ryobi One+ 18v 2.5Ah Li-ion battery with fuel gauge
Ryobi RB18L40 18v 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery
£ 58.99
18V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery with fuel gauge
Ryobi RB18L40/2 18v 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery Twin Pack
£ 119.00
2 x 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion Batteries (Suitable for One+ System Tools)
Ryobi RB18L50 18v 5.0Ah Li-ion Battery
£ 69.94
18V 5.0Ah Li-ion battery with fuel gauge
Ryobi RB18L50/2 18v 5.0Ah Li-ion Battery Twin Pack
£ 135.00
2 x 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion battery with fuel gauge