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Brush Cutters

Ryobi AC 1200W 2-in-1 Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer (SmartTool Compatible)
£ 134.99
Ryobi AC (Expand-It) 1200W 2-in-1 Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer, Starter Kit (SmartTool compatible)
Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter/Trimmer
£ 149.95
One plus 18V cordless 2-in-1 brush cutter and line trimmer (Body Only - no battery or charger)
Ryobi RBC1020 Electric Brush Cutter
£ 119.95
1000w 20cm Electric Brush Cutter
Ryobi RBC1226 Intelli-Tool Electric 26cm Brush Cutter
£ 117.95
1200W 26cm Electric Brush Cutter with split shaft & Intelli-Tool (SmartTool) technology
Ryobi RPH26BC Expand-It Petrol Brush Cutter
£ 155.95
26cc Petrol Driven Brush Cutter. Compatible with all attachments in the Expand-It range.
Ryobi RXBC01 Intelli-Tool Brush Cutter Attachment (supersedes ABC03)
£ 59.95
Expand It Brush Cutter Attachment with Intelli-Tool (SmartTool) technology