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Ryobi Cordless Drill

The Ryobi Drill: Star of cordless tools

Cordless drills have long since made their appearance on building sites and in private homes. However, their price was often prohibitive and their weight made them difficult to handle, especially for beginners. It should also be added that the power was not often available, that the batteries were quickly discharged and that their charge capacity decreased just as quickly. Ryobi has made constant technological advances that make Ryobi drills reliable, energy efficient and easy to handle. The batteries they are equipped with are also much more powerful and have a lifespan that is not comparable to that of previous generations.
Motor and battery, two major technological advances
Thanks to the use of brushless motors on the new Ryobi cordless drills we have managed to significantly increase their power and reduce their consumption. This type of motor already equips some industrial precision machines, particularly in the robotics or machining sector. Using them on its Ryobi cordless drills allows you to carry out precise work using all the electrical power of your tool while reducing energy consumption. The main advantage of brushless technology is the absence of friction within the motor. Virtually all the electricity is used to turn the magnets, so heat dissipation and therefore the loss of electrical energy is limited to a minimum. Moreover, the batteries used in our Ryobi cordless drills provide a long operating life. They also recharge much more quickly and have a life span that is commensurate with that of the tool they power.
Ryobi, always a wireless idea ahead of the game
In addition to a world-renowned design that is appreciated by professionals and private individuals alike, Ryobi drills benefit from the ever-renewed ingenuity of our designers. They were among the first to think that it would be useful for all users to be able to insert the same type of battery in most of the brand's cordless tools. On the one hand, this allows serious savings to be made, and on the other hand, there is no need to transport heavy batches of batteries to the worksite. Our technological innovations have also resulted in exceptional tools such as our right angle drill, ideal for drilling or screwing in tight spaces. As with all of our cordless equipment, remember that Ryobi drills purchased with or without batteries, you get free shipping on all purchases over £100 to mainland UK.


Ryobi ONE+ Angle Drill 18V RAD1801M Tool Only
£ 64.95
18-volt cordless right angle drill. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi ONE+ Compact Brushless Drill Driver 18V R18DD5-0 Tool Only
£ 84.95
18-volt cordless brushless compact drill driver. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi ONE+ Compact Brushless Drill Driver 18V R18DD5-120 2.0Ah Kit
£ 154.95
18-volt cordless brushless compact drill driver with a 2.0Ah battery and compact charger.
Ryobi ONE+ Drill Driver & Impact Driver Twin Pack 18V R18DDID-220S 2x 2.0Ah Kit
£ 189.95
18-volt cordless drill driver and impact driver with a two 2.0Ah batteries and compact charger. Includes a tool bag.
Ryobi ONE+ Drill Driver 18V R18DD3-0 Tool Only
£ 59.95
18-volt cordless drill driver. Batteries and chargers sold separately.
Ryobi ONE+ Drill Driver 18V R18DD3-120S 2.0Ah Kit
£ 119.95
18-volt cordless drill driver with a 2.0Ah battery, a compact charger and a small tool bag.