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Drill Bit Sets

Cordless Drill Set

The Ryobi Drill Set: Practical and inexpensive

One of the great advantages of using drills and screwdrivers is that you can use different types of drill bits. However, this poses certain practical problems. Who hasn't been confronted, as a private individual or professional, with the search for the right drill or the loss of their chuck. Often people think they have the right drill bit but it is not the right size or is not designed to drill certain materials. This often results in a significant loss of time, understandable irritation of the worker and therefore a loss of concentration that is detrimental to the proper conduct of the work. To combat this stress inherent in the use of drills and screwdrivers nothing beats a Ryobi drill set made of well-selected Ryobi drill bits. 

Never look for your drill bits again 

There are many advantages to using a Ryobi drill set. In a small container you have all the sizes and models for a certain type of work at your disposal. These can be drill bits for wood, or for concrete. They can also be hole saws or spade bits. It is therefore very practical to be able to put them together in the same box with a suitable and safe fastening system. You can locate it in the blink of an eye in your workshop. You quickly select the specific part you need to carry out your drilling or screwing. Moreover, this part must be kept in good condition to avoid rust. It must remain perfectly operational. By purchasing a Ryobi drill set for each of your types of work, you have a real small portable workshop that meets all your needs. It will be integrated into your drilling or screwing kit and will make you more efficient and faster on the building site. 

Kits designed for individuals 
Whether you are working in wood or concrete, or you want to cut an opening in a plasterboard panel, we offer a cordless drill set adapted to all your needs. The Ryobi drilling and screwing sets have a minimum space requirement so that they can be taken to any job site. You may prefer separate kits for screwing and drilling. If this is the case, you will find sets of all sizes and suitable for drilling the type of materials they are used to working on. If you have more occasional use of your drilling and screwdriving tools you will certainly be satisfied with sets of heads and drills more representative of the most common needs. 

Savings in perspective 
The mixed sets are the cheapest we offer, even if the quality of their parts is identical to all the others ones As they are work elements that need to be replaced quite frequently we allow you, on our web shop, to either add them to your shopping cart or to make a one-click purchase. You will be invoiced and delivered as soon as possible using a 100% secure payment method.


Ryobi 100 Piece Drill & Driving Set In Grip Case RAKDD100
£ 39.95
Set of 100 drilling and screwdriving accessories
Ryobi 106 Mixed drilling & Screwdriver Set RAKDD106
£ 19.95
106 piece drilling and driving kit
Ryobi 10pce Screwdriver Bit Set RAK10SD
£ 8.95
Pack of 10 assorted screw driving accessories
Ryobi 200 Piece Drill Driving Set In Case RAKDD200
£ 68.95
Set of 200 drilling and screwdriving accessories
Ryobi 38 Piece Mixed Drilling & Screwdriving Set RAK38DSDI2
£ 27.95
Set of 38 mixed drilling and screw driving accessories
Ryobi 38pcs Drilling and Screwdriving Kit RAK38SDD
£ 6.48
Set of thirty-eight drilling and screwdriving accessories
Ryobi 40 Piece Roll Mat Drill & Driving Set RAK40RM
£ 16.95
Roll matt containing mixed drilling/driving bit set
Ryobi 5 Piece SDS+ & Chisel Bit Set RAKSP05
£ 17.95
Set of five SDS+ bits and chisel bits
Ryobi 50mm Screwdriver Bit Set (15 piece) RAK15MSD
£ 9.95
Set of fifteen 50mm screwdriver bits
Ryobi Drill Bit Set for wood (12 pieces) RAK12SWD
£ 17.95
12 piece wood drill set including spade bits and brad point bits
Ryobi Drilling & Screwdriver Bit Set (32 Pieces) RAK32DDMIX
£ 22.95
32 piece mixed drilling and screwdriving bit set
Ryobi HSS Drill/Driver Bit Set RAK19HSS (19 piece)
£ 21.95
19 piece HSS drilling and driving bit set compatible with all drills
Ryobi Mixed Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set RAK46MIX 46 Piece
£ 23.95
Ryobi drill and screwdriver bit set containing 46 individual pieces
Ryobi RAK07HS 7 Piece Hole Saw Kit
£ 11.95
Ryobi seven piece hole saw set for use in drill drivers and percussion drills in wood and drywall.
Ryobi RAK07SB 7 Piece Spade Bit Set
£ 24.95
Ryobi seven piece spade drill bit set for use in Ryobi drill drivers and percussion drill without the hammer function on
Ryobi RAK30MIX 30 Piece Mixed Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set
£ 24.95
Ryobi drill and screwdriver bit set containing 30 individual pieces
Ryobi RAK69MIX 69 Piece Mixed Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set
£ 29.95
Ryobi drill and screwdriver bits set containing 69 individual pieces
Ryobi Torx Screwdriver Bit Set (10 piece) RAK10TSD
£ 7.96
Pack of 10 assorted torx screw driving accessories