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A wide range of Ryobi power tool sets

Thanks to the latest generation of our cordless Ryobi tool set you can carry out quality work wherever you are. Ryobi mastery of motor and power supply technologies has enabled them to make technical advances that put cordless tools within everyone's reach. The lithium-ion battery that is at the core of the 18V One+ range can be used for every in this range. Even those that require the most power, such as sandblasters, drills or saws, can now be used without connection to the electrical grid of your business or home. These new generation power tools also offer many other advantages such as being part of a Ryobi kit that can be easily moved from one job site to another.

A cordless Ryobi tool set for every job

There are hardly any tools left that cannot be offered without a power supply via a cable connected to the mains. Cordless drills with rechargeable batteries have been known for a long time. However, their power was reserved for short-term use, as truly professional equipment was very expensive. Ryobi uses special motors, known as brushless motors, which provide the best torque with lower power consumption. These are the same motors that are used by high-tech companies, particularly in robotics, to carry out precision work. Other tools are now benefiting from wireless technology. These include nailers, belt sanders, impact drivers and drillers for example. Formerly reserved only for professionals, this exceptional equipment is now offered to private individuals at very reasonable prices. Your Ryobi power tool set integrates these major new technologies so you can work with the same precision as a seasoned professional.
Revolutionary new applications for radically new power tools
Who would have thought until recently that cordless technology could be used for tools that normally consume a lot of energy. This is particularly the case for heat guns. Formerly gas or cord-connected, they are used to remove paint and other surface coatings, among other things. By integrating Ryobi cordless technology, you can take them wherever you want. For example, you can remove paint from shutters without having to dismantle them. Other applications are just as interesting. Think of those handy little construction site lights at nightfall, or the inflator kit that you can keep in your vehicle at all times. For professionals, mobility is an essential condition for developing their activities. Self-entrepreneurs will also appreciate being able to store their kits at home at the end of the working day. Ryobi is well ahead of the game in cordess technology for its tools. We offer to ship the products to UK mainland free of charge for any expenditure exceeding £100.