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Ryobi Lithium-Ion Intelligent Battery Technology

So which is the best battery for me?

Battery 18v (1.3Ah) Compact
Lithium-ion Battery

Compact and lightweight
18v (1.5Ah)
Lithium+ Battery

Compact and lightweight
with on board fuel gauge
18v (4.0Ah)
Lithium+ Battery

Unrivalled run time
with on board fuel gauge
Ideal For Cost conscious user doing
day to day DIY tasks
Medium to high usage over
extended periods of time
Long periods of use and
larger DIY projects
Fuel Gauge
Run Time Up to 10% more run time
(Compared to Ryobi 1.7Ah NiCad BPP1817M)
Up to 35% more run time
(Compared to Ryobi 1.4Ah Battery BLK18151)
Up to 95% more run time
(Compared to Ryobi 2.4Ah Battery BPL1820)
Circular Saw Cuts
Using RWSL1801 cross cuts through 2″ x 4″ white pine
58 88 218
Multi-tool Cuts
Using RMT1801 to Cut 6d Common Nails with Universal  Wood/metal blade (# of cuts)
167 270 732
Screws Driven
Using RID1801M to drive 8 x 32mm wood screws into white pine (# of screws driven)
398 453 1166
Bolts Driven
Using RCD1802M to drive 10mm x 40 Lag Screws into 2″ x 4″ white pine with 5mm Pilot Hole (# of screws driven)
91 258 491
Results are an average of 5 tests conducted internally for reference only. Results may vary by tool, battery and application

Ryobi® is the only consumer brand offering a 4.0Ah battery pack, which gives the user an un-paralleled run time.