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Replacement Trimmer Spools

Ryobi LTA001 / LTA003 Complete Head
£ 17.95
Complete spool for PLT-2543Y / PLT-3043YE
Ryobi RAC106 / LTA035 Replacement Easy Fit Head
£ 19.96
RAC106 Easy fit head 10 x 2.7mm lines fit RBC52FSB, RBS52SB, RBS40SB
Ryobi RAC109 / LTA062 Replacement 1.5 mm Line Spools
£ 8.99
RAC109 2 X 1.5mm replacement spools fits RLT5030S
Ryobi RAC113 (LTA039) Replacement Pro Cut II Heads
£ 14.95
(previously LTA039) Pro Cut II head 10 x 2.7mm green line fits RLTS, RBC, PBC and PLT SERIES
Ryobi RAC115/LTA042 Replacement Reel-Easy Head
£ 14.95
RAC115 Reel-Easy head 2.4mm 6m line fits all line trimmer and brush cutters except RBC40/52SB & OBC1820
Ryobi RAC118 Replacement 1.2 mm Line Spool
£ 7.96
RAC118 1.2mm line complete spool fits RLT3025S/RLT3025F/RLT3525S
Ryobi RAC121 Complete Replacement Spool
£ 16.96
RAC121 replacement spool fits RBC1020 & RBC1226
Ryobi RAC123 Replacement 1.5 mm Line Spools
£ 13.96
RAC123 3 x 1.5mm spools for the RLT4027, RLT5027 & RLT6030
Ryobi RAC124 1.6 mm Strimmer Spool (OLT1832, RLT1830H13, RLT1825Li, OLT1825 & OLT1831S)
£ 7.96
Ryobi 1.6mm Grass Trimmer spool, to fit 18V ONE+ Grass Trimmers (Single)
Ryobi RAC125 1.6 mm Strimmer Spools (RLT1830H13 & RLT1825Li)
£ 19.96
Ryobi 1.6mm Grass Trimmer spool, to fit 18V ONE+ Grass Trimmers (3 pack)
Ryobi Twin Blade Trimmer Head RAC139 (Set of 2)
£ 14.99

Line trimmer head with plastic cutting blades to replace cutting line.