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RPH26E Expand-It Power Head Starting Guide

Operating the RPH26E Power Head

It is important to read the Instruction Manual provided with this equipment before usage. Incorrect operation can invalidate the product warranty. You must also heed all Warnings and Cautions stated in the manual and instruction leaflets provided.

The following instructions should be noted in particular:

Using the Correct Fuel Mixture

The correct fuel mixture must be added before starting and using the RPH26E. Running the RPH26E with an incorrect fuel mixture can cause permanent damage to the engine.

This product is powered by a 2-stroke engine and requires the pre-mixing of petrol and 2-stroke oil. Use automotive unleaded petrol and synthetic 2-stroke oil only.

Mix the fuel at a ratio of 1 part 2-stroke oil to 50 parts petrol, in a clean container approved for petrol.

For example, if you are using the 1 Litre Ryobi Mixing Bottle (RGA001), add 20 ml of 2-stroke oil (RGA002) to 1 Litre of unleaded petrol, replace the cap and shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure the correct mixture.

Mix the fuel in small quantities as required. Do not mix more than is usable in a 30 day period.

Starting the RPH26E (Cold Start)

Use the following procedure to start a cold engine (i.e. a new RPH26E or an RPH26E that has not been run for several hours or more).

1. Add the correct fuel mixture (as described above).

2. Switch on the engine by placing the engine switch to the “I” position.

3. Slowly press the primer bulb 10 times (a small amount of fuel should now be visible in the primer bulb).

4. Set the choke lever to the full choke position (BLUE).

5. Squeeze the throttle levers fully.

6. Pull the starter grip (cord) several times until the engine attempts to start

    Do NOT pull starter more than 4 times at this stage.

7. Set the choke to the half choke position (WHITE).

8. Squeeze the throttle levers fully and pull the starter grip (cord) sharply until the engine starts.

    Do NOT pull the starter cord more than 6 times at this stage. If the engine fails to start after 6 pulls, go back to step 4.

9. Allow the engine to run for at least 10 seconds, then set the choke lever to the top

    RUN position (GREEN) and release the throttle levers.

    The engine should now idle ready for use.

Note: If you are starting a brand new RPH26E Power Head for the first time, we recommend that you start and run the RPH26E without any attachments connected to the drive shaft. Once started, run the bare machine on idle for at least 10 minutes to run the motor in. Switch off (by setting the engine switch to the "o" off position), connect the required Expand-It tool, then restart using the Warm Start procedure.

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